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Cutting-edge cannabis science with a team anchored in Québec.

At Verdélite, we work every day to offer you high quality specialized products to help you improve your daily life.

About Verdélite

A local business, part of the Emerald Health Theraupeutics Inc. family.

What we do

Verdélite is a cannabis production facility. Our interior growing state-of-the-art site give us 100% control over the environment, resulting in high quality products and continuously stable harvest.

Who we are

Located in Saint-Eustache, close to Montréal, Verdélite is a Québec operated business. Fully integrated, from seed to packaging, our operation lead by a team of experts counting more than 70 passionate members. We develop cannabis products locally, targeting the needs of the Québec community.

Why we do it

We use cutting-edge science with the aim to help people live happier and healthier lives. Overall, Emerald Health Therapeutics is focused on developing a great variety of cannabis products to meet everyone’s needs.


Riaz Bandali

President and Chief Executive Officer

Jenn Hepburn

Chief Financial Officer

Maheep Dhillon

Vice President & General Manager, Verdelite

Contact Us

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Verdélite Sciences Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of
Emerald Health Therapeutics